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Question the term "21st century learning." Do you really think the same words were used to describe learning in 1901 as in 1999? Of course, some words should have been used throughout the previous century and some pictures of learning should have been consistent, but much should have changed over time as technology progressed from transatlantic radio to the Internet. Perhaps we never really learned how to leverage the radio in the classroom and that's why we are ok summing up 100 years worth of learning in one buzz phrase. Regardless, we have no choice but to respond to the ever-changing face of the 21st century as we plan for new curricula content and organization, new assessment strategies and accountability, and new technologies and learning brains.

Mix up your thinking about what is and what could be...
Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow - Today
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner
National Educational Technology Standards
ACPS Framework for Quality Learning
Measuring 21st-century skills
VDOE Career and Technical Education Course Competencies
Education Competency Wheel (from Microsoft)
Career Forward

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21st Century Confusion
Reflecting on the Journey
From Slot Machine to Stock Market
Great Teachers

Join the discussion...How do the FQL and the NETS Essential Conditions for Technology Integration match up?
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Lesson Plans:
Pack Your Bags, We're Going to Rome! (A Differentiated Google Earth Project)

What should students learn these days? How should that learning be assessed? How should the learning take place?

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Students as Teachers--in 2nd grade math...
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